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June 17, 2010


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Brad Bossen

And you said it OUT LOUD for everyone to read! Its the people..STUPID! How many generations of management is this industry going to consume before someone finally makes a declaration that customer service in its "native" form (not just a statement in the company policy manual)is what drives a business.
I see managers in every department of every store cutting salaries, commissions, and payplans to 'save their way to a profit.' Tip: Your customers are being treated EXACTLY like the way your employees are being treated!!

Joanne Helperin

I think this is right on. I just came from a white-tablecloth restaurant where the waiters and busboys acted distracted when they were serving us. I was made to feel that they were "doing me a favor" by waiting on me. Sometimes people get that same attitude at a dealership... and it doesn't leave you wanting seconds!

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